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  • Q:My angel's evolution points have filled the globe. Why isn't she evolving?
    A:Generally speaking, the higher the evolution points,the better chance the angel has of evolving. But as angel evolution is a matter of probability, there is still some uncertainty during the evolution process. Consequently your angel could evolve earlier or later.
  • Q:What happens to an angel's Evolution Level and points when inheriting?
    A:If the source angel's Evolution level is higher than the target angel's, the target angel will inherit it. If the target angel's Evolution level is higher than the source angel's, the target angel's Evolution level will not change. However, the source angel's Evolution level will still be reset. Evolution points do not transfer. The source angel's Evolution points reset after inheriting; be sure to finish the upgrade before inheriting.
  • Q:I inherited Sylvia to Loralei, but she did not keep the upgrade level.
    A:When you inherit levels from one angel to another, all the experience can be inherited by the target angel, but you will still need to use Holy Crystals to upgrade when the target angel reaches the upgrade levels. Please take note of this and plan your game accordingly.
  • Q:If I've leveled up one Angel, and then get a new one, do I have to level up this one also?
    A:You can use the Inherit feature to transfer EXP from one angel to another. If you wish to do so, simply select the Angel you wish to transfer EXP from, then click Inherit. From here, you need to select a Target Angel (the Angel you want to transfer EXP to), then click Inherit. The EXP will immediately be transfered to the target angel. You can also choose to simply level up the angel using Angel Tears. Once the Guardian Angel function has been activated, you can let more than just one angel take part in battles.
  • Q:Why do I need an Angel?
    A:An angel isn't just another party member, it is a honed weapon. Each angel has its own unique attack, as well as something known as a Halo. The Halo allows the angel to buff various slots in your formation. Each Halo is different, meaning that it is beneficial to have more than one angel ready for battle.
  • Q:How do I level up my Angel?
    A:In the Angel menu, select the Angel you wish to level up and click Bond. You get 10 free chances per day to bond with your Angel. If you wish to bond more, you can use Angel Tears, which can be found in dungeons and can also purchased for both gold and diamonds.
  • Q:How do I get an Angel?
    A:You start the game with one Angel, Nocturna. After that, you can earn other angels through clearing dungeons, leveling up, and participating in special events.